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Your fridge is meant to keep food fresh for a long time. But sadly, this does not always happen. Sometimes the food smells in the fridge mix, giving rise to an unpleasant smell. Moreover, some foods like garlic and fish have a strong smell that can linger. Power cuts may reduce the cooling capability of the fridge and make the food smell bad.

How do I tackle this problem? My mother in law suggested homemade solutions like sliced lemon, charcoal and soda ash…but they are so messy.

Then one day…I came across Premium Fridge Smell Well – an absorbent gel made from 96% natural ingredients.
It absorbs unpleasant smells and prevents food smells from mixing.
Compact and Hassle Free
Place it in the fridge’s door shelf and notice its effects in less than 12 hours. It lasts for up to 45 days.
It is made from 96% natural ingredients and contains no artificial fragrances.
How does it work?
Premium Fridge Smell Well absorbs the unpleasant smells in your fridge, leaving it smell-free.
How long does it last?
Premium Fridge Smell Well lasts for approximately 45 days.
How long does it take for its effect to be noticed?
Premium Fridge Smell Well absorbs smells within 12 hours of placing it in the fridge.
When should it be replaced?
Once the gel quantity of Premium Fridge Smell Well reaches the ‘Replace’ mark, it’s time to purchase a new pack.
Where can you place it?
You can place it anywhere in the refrigerator, but we recommend placing it on a door shelf (egg tray) for best results.
How is it better than home-made ways to remove fridge smells?
Premium Fridge Smell Well is non-messy, which makes it far better than home-made ways to remove fridge smells (such as sliced lemon, charcoal and soda ash)