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Most homemakers pay very little attention to smell management in the home. They believe that cleaning the floor tiles with ‘phenyl’ and airing the rooms by keeping the windows open will do.
This won’t do at all.
The problem is that we are so used to odours in a home that we are not affected by them. But guests who come infrequently are bound to notice them in an instant. And this can be embarrassing.
I firmly believe in quality room fresheners that not only diffuse bad Odour but also elevate the mood of the room with their fragrances.


Cover leftover food in airtight containers and place them inside the fridge. If you are getting rid of food in a dustbin, make sure the dustbin is well covered. Try and keep the dustbin out of the house.


Let’s face it, how much ever we love our pets, the darlings tend to smell. The best way to handle these smells is to bathe and clean them regularly. Make sure you take the pet out for a walk every night, so he can do his ‘business.’


Kids will be kids.. They tend to throw their shoes in the rack without wiping them and drop their playground clothes all over the floor. I don’t know about you, but I am very strict with them. I tell them to clean their shoes before they step into the house and to keep the dirty clothes in the covered laundry bin.


This is a tricky one. You can hardly tell your neighbours to stop cooking their food. A friend sent me an urgent SMS pleading for help. Her vegetarian mother-in-law was coming for lunch and the neighbor had started frying fish!

The ideal way will be to draw the curtains and turn on the fan or the AC and to use a room freshener from the range that has a strong yet pleasing fragrance.


These smells can be faint and they tend to become evident when the air is not circulating or the moisture levels are high. I find that opening the windows and turning the fan on disperses the odour.


The bedroom is the centre of my life and I go to great lengths to keep it smelling good. I change the bed covers and blanket regularly and empty the trash can twice a day. A badly serviced air conditioner can really foul up a room so I make sure my AC is well maintained.

I also use a room freshener from the range that creates a pleasant and comforting aura.