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Party Atmosphere.

After paying due attention to the menu and the seating, spend some time thinking about the atmosphere you want to create. Should it be zingy? Fresh? Romantic? Soothing?
Before my guests arrive, I personally spray the room with Premium Eau De Cologne. It gives my home the freshness of spring mornings.
But remember this is my choice, you can select from the range of fragrances that will appeal to you best.
As the party progresses and takes a life of its own, I use Premium Lime Fresh. This adds zing and a spring into the steps of the dancing feet. Towards the end of the party, I use Premium Rose Garden as it helps in creating a warm and romantic mood.
Now, these are my personal choices. Since Premium has a range of room fresheners for all moods, you can select Premium room fresheners that will help you put your guests at ease.

The Guest List
Don’t go overboard by inviting too many people. Make sure there is sufficient place for your guests to sit comfortably. (The last thing you want is to have them jostling each other and spilling drinks on expensive designer dresses!)
I for one, invite a mix of guests who are well known to each other or meeting for the first time. This makes for more interesting conversations.

Check Diets
Make sure that you have sufficient food for all types of diets. For my veggie pals, I have a separate selection of goodies, the last thing I want them is to go hungry and crib about me!

Lonesome Alert!
Encourage shy guests by introducing them around and gently drawing them into conversations.

Be The Early Bird
It’s not unfashionable to arrive first at your own party, so get ready well in time. I can’t tell you how red I turned when my guests landed up on time and I was still in the shower.